Quick Access to some popular articles on lean, leadership and culture.

What is Lean?

Lean is not a place, but a journey: not a note of music, but a melody and rhythm.

Whole-System Architecture

Organizations are like the human body, a set of sub-systems that are inter-dependent. They must be designed as a "whole-system."

Leadership and Life-Cycles

Like people and civilizations, organizations tend to rise and fall in predictable cycles of life and leadership.

Further Reading:

Lean Implementation in Home Healthcare

this is a case study based on my work with VON Canada redesigning their organization and processes based on lean principles and Whole-System Architecture.

Blended Learning in Healthcare - A Case Study

This describes the second stage of change at VON Canada. After redesigning the system, teams need to develop the habits of continuous improvement. Blended learning - watching, doing, and coaching are the answer. 

The Honda Way

In several of my courses I have referred to the example I observed at Honda. This article attempts to capture the systemic characteristics of Honda. 

Sustainable Wealth

Achieving wealth is not simply pursuing money. It is a process that leads to financial assets. This article describes the five forms of wealth of both individuals and organizations. 

Agile Strategy Execution

CEO's report that strategy execution is their single greatest problem. This article briefly describes the process of agile strategy execution, the process of building the capabilities and culture that result insuccessful strategy execution. 

Whole-System Architecture

This details the process of designing organizations and their culture and capabilities to achieve strategic goals. WSA is derived from both lean thinking and socio-technical systems design. 


This article describes the process of building team competence based on cycles of action learning.

How Far Along the Lean Journey Are We?

This is a selt-assessment that teams can use to assess their progress and identify areas for improvement in their journey toward continuous improvement. 

Team Management: The Core Practice of High Performing Organizations

Before we were studying and adapting the Toyota Production System (lean) we were building high performing organizations on the foundation of high performing teams. It is still valid. 

Dialogue: Learning to Think Together Rather than Alone

The skill of dialogue which is explained in my course on Facilitation Skills, is the process creating collective wisdom from diverse individuals. 

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