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After almost fifty years of working with major corporations to implement lean management, team-based organization and management development it is a blessing to be able to share my experience with thousands of aspiring managers across the globe.
Larry Miller

“In the early 1980′s I was most fortunate to publish the books of Taiichi Ohno and Dr. Shigeo Shingo that gave us the Toyota Production System (Lean). I thought that if American industry was only smart enough to realize how to put together Lean and Socio-Technical Systems design we could really rule the world and be the most competitive. Larry Miller was one of the few consultants and authors to understand the power of the combination. I never give up and hopefully the leaders of American industry can begin to listen to Larry’s wisdom.” 

Norman Bodek (recognized as “The Father of Lean”) author of Kaikaku and many other books on lean management

“Larry Miller’s approach to whole system change, using the principles of Lean and the best of management and change theory in a practical, action learning approach was transformational for my health care organization. The service referral system that took five hours on average to process was reduced to five minutes and productivity increased 20% since full implementation. A field nurse told me last week that she worked in the system prior to the change and it was very stressful, on return from a year’s absence in the new system she said, she can provide better service, she is happier and so are her colleagues and she is more efficient. Change can be challenging but engaging staff in the design of the work system increases ownership, accountability and the success of the change. Using Larry’s approach to Lean works.”

Sharon Goodwin
Senior VP Operations
VON Canada

“I’ve read hundreds of management books in my decades as a professor (currently Columbia University) and a management consultant. Over the last 30 years the trend has been to write a breezy, short book, maybe a fable with a big font and few pages. Larry Miller’s book, GETTING TO LEAN brings us back to solid content with vivid and fascinating examples from his many years as a management consultant. Miller goes through the entire process of how to create a high-functioning organization. This is no mean feat, as thorough as Miller is, because it requires great skills as a writer and thinker, as well as heavy doses of wisdom.”

Dorothy Marcic, Ph.D, Columbia University, author of Understanding Management, Managing with the Wisdom of Love and playwright.

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A very simple way of describing how I have helped companies is to say that a) I help them redesign the house in which they will live; and b) help to develop the skills and daily habits that will enable them to live successfully in their new house. The first is my Whole-System Architecture Strategy Execution process; and the second is the Team Kata - Team Leadership process of building habits of team leaders and team members to engage in continuous improvement.

Theories of organizational evolution and managing change are interesting and may provide insight. However, I have lived my forty-five years of consulting in textile mills in the South, foundries on the banks of the Monongahela River, oil refineries in Texas and New Jersey, and healthcare organizations in Canada. I know very well the real-life issues of changing ingrained habits among both executives and union members who fought for their privileges. The goals of self-management, lean processes and organization, and high creativity are easy to agree on. The challenge is in the process of changing habits, mindsets, and cultural norms. This has been my work. I have been consulting for more than forty years and understand the importance of working closely with senior managers to help them achieve their business strategy as well as to implement improvement in the culture of the organization. I have also been the CEO of two companies with all the responsibility of growing a business and managing costs.

 My mission is to improve my client’s business performance, the quality of their culture, the capability of their employees and organization; maximize self-control and self-management; and, to contribute to the material, intellectual and spiritual wealth of my clients.

 Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. I am happy to discuss any of the material in this website and to explore any way that I might be helpful to you or your organization. You can find my complete bio or resume here.

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