Developing Your Team - Forming to Performing

A Team Building Guide - How To Build A High Performing Self-Directed Team

Course Summary

Your team's performance is your performance! Getting off to a good start is essential to team performance! This course will help you lead your team through the common stages from forming to performing, with less of the common "storming" as your team seeks a mature level of self-management.

Course Curriculum

Lawrence Miller

Larry Miller has forty-five years of consulting from textile mills in the South, foundries on the banks of the Monongahela River, oil refineries in Texas, and healthcare organizations in Canada. He knows very well the real-life issues of building high performing teams and changing ingrained habits among both executives and union members. The goals of self-management, lean processes and organization are easy to agree on. The challenge is in the process of changing habits, mindsets, and cultural norms. This has been his work. Author of eleven books on management and leadership and sixteen online courses in lean management and corporate culture.

"This course was what I was expecting. I've downloaded the workbook and will be going through it and the course again! I look forward to taking more courses that are available!" Doressa Guerrero-Aflleje

"Cannot thank you enough for making such a course, the models are clearly described and easy to understand and the activity is incredibly helpful. Thank You again." Hattan Abushal

"A very thorough presentation of the complexities and considerations that make up a productive and forward-moving team of individuals, and clear on what NOT to do, and why. Thank you for making this available." John Unholz

"Amazing! Very instructive course!" Jihen Aouachri

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