Motivation: For High Performing People & Teams

Motivation Mastery for Every Team Leader and Entrepreneur - The Critical Leadership Skill

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Your success depends on your ability to motivate and develop your team members. If they perform, you perform. This course will provide those skills that are critical to your success. It is the skill of creating a worthy purpose, an effective team environment, designing work for intrinsic motivation, and using positive reinforcement in an effective way. This course will enable you to develop a system of sustained motivation for yourself and your team

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Lawrence Miller

Larry Miller has forty-five years of consulting from textile mills in the South, foundries on the banks of the Monongahela River, oil refineries in Texas, and healthcare organizations in Canada. He knows very well the real-life issues of building high performing teams and changing ingrained habits among both executives and union members. The goals of self-management, lean processes and organization are easy to agree on. The challenge is in the process of changing habits, mindsets, and cultural norms. This has been his work. Author of eleven books on management and leadership and sixteen online courses in lean management and corporate culture.

"I've taken several of Mr. Miller's classes to fulfill continuing education requirements. Mr. Miller's classes are educational, enjoyable, and applicable to my workplace. I appreciate his presentation style and the structure of the classes which go into the appropriate amount of detail for this format." Jeffrey Trudnak

"Excellent topic. Great information. Practical application." Lisa Cross

"Loved the realism and experience of Mr. Lawrence M. Miller. The way he explained this course is/was very didactic and in a way that he understand the person the point of view of the watcher. I totally recommend 100% this course! Best regards."  Jonathan Fernandez

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it for anybody to take. I would enjoy taking the course a second time as a refresher in a year." Annalise Diadema

"It improved my awareness and how I deliver and accept coaching. I think I have some great tools that will help we build my team to a more successful, happy, and motivated team. Thank you" Becky Greene

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