Giving and Receiving Feedback for Management and Leadership

How to Give Powerful and Effective Feedback - A Critical Human Resource Development Skill Required of All Managers

Course Summary

Giving employees or team members feedback is an essential skill for every manager or team leader. If you do this well, your team members will perform well. Their success is your success. That is the purpose of this course. Feedback should be a primary learning activity, welcomed as an opportunity for growth by the recipient.

Course Curriculum

Lawrence Miller

Larry Miller has forty-five years of consulting from textile mills in the South, foundries on the banks of the Monongahela River, oil refineries in Texas, and healthcare organizations in Canada. He knows very well the real-life issues of building high performing teams and changing ingrained habits among both executives and union members. The goals of self-management, lean processes and organization are easy to agree on. The challenge is in the process of changing habits, mindsets, and cultural norms. This has been his work. Author of eleven books on management and leadership and sixteen online courses in lean management and corporate culture.

"I cannot give even a 4.5, because Larry is my favourite speaker. 🙂 Great to see him again and again, speaking so naturally, but also scientifly about real and everyday issues and solutions. Thanks Larry!" Ficz Antal

"Fantastic course! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will attempt to implement all these strategies, into my working and personal relationships." Sophia Charalambous  

"After completing this course one thing I understood that ‘Nobody is perfect’ and by sharing our feedback and working on the feedback recieved from other’s will improvise us. Thanks to Mr. Lawrence for explaining the things so beutifully 🙂" Junaid Shaikh

"The course was very informative, with proper guidelines and activity involved to practice. Miller is awesome in explaining things with right choice of words." Thanks again Divya

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